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Number 1 day care is a leading childcare provider based in the London borough of Wandswoth. Conveniently located closed to Earlsfield and Tooting Broadway.  

About as:


Hi, my name is Gina. I am the owner of        Number 1 Daycare. 

Number 1 Daycare has been carefully crafted to ensure that your children receives the best possible care and education which is structured and well balanced to meet the individual needs of the child.

Number 1 Daycare was established in 2010 to provide an outstanding level of childcare and we are delighted to say that we have grown from strength to strength thanks to all the parents that have supported as past and present which has helped as gaining an excellent reputation in caring for children. One of our main aims is to work in partnership with parents offering the best possible start in the early years.

We will also provide you with a safe, caring, relaxed and stimulating environment where you can feel confident that your child is receiving the very best of care and education.  One of the most important factors is that Number 1 Daycare feels like a home from home environment making the transition for your child an easier one and less daunting.

Our staff are carefully chosen to form a close and strong team. All staff members have experience, and relevant childcare qualifications and are encouraged to update their training regularly.

The Team are highly qualified in all aspects of childcare including QTS (Qualified teacher status), NVQ Level 2,3 in Childcare up to Level 6 and are recruited not only for their qualifications but also for their caring and nurturing nature, ensuring that all of our children are cared for in a professional and understanding way. We provide a balance of staff - employing all ages, experiences, cultural backgrounds and both genders presenting positive role models for all the children in our care and creating an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity. 

Our Vision:

The first few years of a child’s development are very precious. It is often the first time children are left in an unfamiliar environment. It is the first opportunity they have to begin to make their own way in life.
 It is also a vital part of their development at a time when they are like sponges eager to absorb any new information. At number 1 childcare we not only consider your child’s development but also understand the importance of you, the parent, and the link between home and daycare life.

  • We believe that care and education are integral.
  • We believe that children all best supported when the parents and staff work together.
  • Our curriculum is play based, because we believe that children learn best through supported play experiences.
  • We believe that children need to be respected in order to respect.
  • We believe our learning environment, must be planned to ensure that children are provided with rich, and stimulating experiences to build on, what they already know and can do.
  • We will support the children to use the resources and the environment in a way that will develop their independence and problem solving skills.
  • We will help the children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults.
    In order to foster the children’s positive sense of self and self-esteem. We will ensure that the experiences, family background, interests, abilities and cultural heritage will be positively celebrated and reflected across the service.
  • We believe that it is very important to provide staff with training and development opportunities. So that they, in turn, can provide the children with affective learning and teaching.
  • We work hard to be part of the local community, accessing local resources, so that the children have a sense of connection and belonging.
  • We endeavour to network with other professionals for the benefit of the service.

At the nursery every child is respected as an individual, different from adults and different from one another. The ability to learn is an acquired skill which should be taught when children are young in order to help them become thinking, intelligent adults.

Our approach is to promote all-round development, intellectual, physical, emotional and social, in a safe and nurturing environment filled with exciting activities and friendly staff.

We believe in the importance of outdoor activities, and the freedom to exercise in a totally safe environment.

We are also keen to take opportunities for outings and have outings to the park, library and garden centre’s which are planned frequently. 



Bilingual Education:

Give Your Child a Gift. Give them Bilingualism
It is stated that the languages which the child is using from birth are the starting point for learning new languages later. That’s why it is important that from the beginning the child can enjoy language acquisition, regardless of whether or not the child is from a mono or multilingual family or which languages the family is using in their daily life.


“Since I was brought up in a single language family and always found language learning difficult” a mother says, “I feel strongly that we have given our children a great gift by giving them multiple languages from early childhood. They are blessed with bilingual brains!”

Different and better opportunities

A bilingual child is able to communicate with a wider variety of people and will have economic advantages in their future. Research has even shown advantages in improved thinking skills among bilingual individuals.

Children, who learn more than one language in their formative years, will acquire those languages with more ease and “native-like” ability than they would by trying to study those languages post adolescence.

Bilingualism helps small children to make sense of the world about them and to discover the excitement of communication. Once children know how to use one language, they can usually learn another one very quickly.


Meet the family

Our members of staff are carefully selected not only for their skills and qualifications but also for their caring and loving personalities. We are extremely proud of them and we all work as a family , this creates a wonderful loving environment full of positive energy which children and parents sense the moment they walk through the door. 



Eliana Gomez (Childcare assistant)

Stephanie Gomez (Room leader (Babies) 

Diana Obando (Qualified Teacher)

Eloina Sanchez  (Qualified Teacher - Room Leader Toddlers )

Elizabeth Ramirez (Childcare Assistant)

Noelby Hurtado (Cheff)